SimpleFix Galvanised Strap


0.75mm x 25mm x 15mtrs of G550 PGI Strap


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The G550 PGI Strap is a Plain Galvanised Iron Steel Strap with strategically placed perforations to allow for easy and effective use. With the ability to be formed around pipe sizes down to 1/2″ or 12.7mm without kinking or cracking, the strap therefore still retains all of its structural integrity.

The strap can be used for sway bracing of suspended pipework and ducting, and where down pipes are situated at a distance away from a structure. The strap is also easily secured in various ways using our suited Earthquake Brackets, Universal Brackets, or even just nailing through the perforated holes.

This pack contains a 15 meter long coil of 0.75mm thick x 25mm wide G550 grade plain galvanised iron steel strap.