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Tackle tough mess rapidly with Sabre THUNDER WIPES™, the superior cleaning wipe for removing paint, adhesive, sealant, bitumen, silicone, uncured PU foam, epoxy, polyurethane, resin, oil, ink and grease from tools, hands and surfaces. Proudly Kiwi owned, Sabre THUNDER WIPES™ are trusted by tradies for everyday trade and DIY use.

  • High strength, textured fabric packed with a special solution to clean easily and safely without any need to scrub
  • Tough on grime, gentle on hands with added Aloe Vera
  • Kills 99.9% of germs commonly present on hands and surfaces
  • Durable tub and lid design
  • Easy wipe removal & tear-off and a handy wipe storing cavity within the lid to allow for lid closure & moisture retention
  • Recyclable tub & lid made with less plastic, resulting in less air and less dry-out

Available in:
100 Wipe Tub