Stainless 3 Strap Seismic Cylinder Restraint Kit


3 Strap Restraint Kit

Stainless Steel


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The Stainless 3 Strap Seismic Cylinder Restraint Kit consists of 6 meters of perforated Stainless Steel strap and all brackets, bolts, screws & tensioning devices required to make a 3 strap installation of this kit.

These are used for Seismic Earthquake Protection and security for hot water cylinders and storage vessels, as well as meeting requirements for the restraint of new installations.

This “SIMPLEFIX” Stainless 3 Strap Cylinder Restraint Kit has been design checked by Registered Engineers for water storage vessels up to 700 litre capacity. This was done in accordance with seismic design Code NZS 1170.5:2004. Compliance is confirmed with Documents B1 & B2 prepared by the Dept of Building and Housing to be in accordance with Section 22 of the Building Act 2005. Statement is available upon request.

View BRANZ website for current standards

Contents of Kit Amount Supplied
Perforated Steel Strap      2 Meters
Mounting Brackets     x 2
14g x 55mm Screws (Type 17)     x 2
M5 x 12mm Bolts & Nuts     x 4
Tensioning Device     x 1


NB: For outdoor, coastal areas or more corrosive environments we recommend use of the stainless steel option restraint kits.


Vessel Capacity (Litres) No. of Straps Required
Up to 200     2
200 – 360     3
360 – 500     4
500 – 600     5
600 – 700     6
When in Excess of 12m above ground level     As Above +1