Product Range

SimpleFix Strapping Systems

Ray Staiger developed a range of products for use in the Plumbing and Building Industry.  The SimpleFix is a high tensile Galvansied Strap which supports pipes and ducts in accordance with building codes.  This strap forms part of a kit which can be used to make water heaters Earthquake Safe by securing them to walls.  The strap is available in Stainless Steel for outdoor or wet areas to prevent rusting.  Other products available to be used alongside the strap are:

Top Bracket –
Which can be molded to fit the shape of any round surface (PVC Pipe, round ducting)

Universal Brackets –
Which make threading the strap possible, (as well as other uses, such as duct support).

Earthquake Brackets –
To secure the strap to the wall (amongst many other uses).

Cliplocks –
To thread the strap and secure to walls without the use of nuts and bolts.

Pipe Brackets (Munzing Rings, Holderbats)

RSL buys locally NZ-made brackets and imports both Asian and European brands (European Standards RAL).  Brackets are available: Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel, Brass, Hot Dipped Galvanised, Aluminum, Chrome and Powder Coated.  They can be unlined or insulated (lined with Rubber).  Brackets can be heavy duty and hinged with one bolt or two bolts. We also supply single piece hangers.

Toggler Range

RSL carries a range of Toggler products manufactured in the United States.  These anchors are used to secure a variety of fixtures and fitting to building materials.

Pryda Stren-Joist

The Pryda Stren-Joist is designed for cutting holes into floor joists, enabling pipes, wiring or other services to be passed through the joist.  The fitting of a Pryda Stren-Joist reinstates the integrity of the penetrated joist.  It is quick, easy to install, and can be retro-fitted.  All components come in a single kit.

Fastenings, Masonry & Miscellaneous

RSL offers various screw or bin stands to merchandisers. We supply a variety of Rivets, Screws, Penny Washers, Nuts, Wall Anchors, Sleeve Anchors, Concrete Nails, Wedge Anchors, Fisher Plugs, Pan sets, Brushes, Nails, Taps, Cable Ties, Silicon Applicators, Wire, Wonder Wipes, Sterilised Rags and Spray Paint to fill stands or shelves.